An intelligent virtual sales assistant which can easily be included in any website. Offer the expert knowledge of your sales team and consultants and make your customers happy with an outstanding web based service. The virtual sales assistant is localizable for all languages your customers speak - worldwide. This product is available at us ...  ╗ read more


The portal WienWelt connects shops to shoppers. WienWelt offers the latter cost-effective microsites that can be created and updated easily by the content management system. In spite of the simplicity the microsites have many functions: design matched to the corporate design by the use of banner and logo, representation of the shop and the products via text, pictures and documents, publication of news, position plan, terms and conditions and newsletter. In the context of WienWelt search engine optimization is included automatically. That way the websites are also found by a search on Google or other search engines. For the professional representation on the internet we offer our know-how concerning banner, logo and text.

Shoppers find the ideal shop or the optimal service provider in Vienna, just by answering a few questions of the city-navigator. In addition, they can participate in the community and therefore in the portal by, for example, evaluating shops. The evaluation, in turn, has influence on the result of the city-navigator... ╗ read more


Within the scope of the agency-group Move we offer a full range of marketing services. Read more to learn about our core competences.

We are specialising in interactive web to make sure that your web content is attractive to your clients and prospects. The move web team creates powerful websites or enhances your web-pages by fulfilling your objectives, web 2.0 solutions with user generated content included. Virtual dialogues enable contact to customers both day and night. In order to be found on the internet your website has to be optimized for search engines. By doing that we increase the number of users. In short: We combine the online with the offline and mobile world. Therefore you can count on our knowledge in the fields of editorial, graphic design and ITů ╗ read more

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